Our Mission

Provide individual 401(k) account holders with professional investment advice using a proprietary momentum based model to advise its subscribers of transactions that will seek to attain consistent positive investment returns over the long term, while minimizing risk to their principal.

Bill DeShurko explains our mission statement in this video produced by investopedia.com.

Our Beliefs

  • Believe the “buy/hold” model is not the proper model to be using to achieve the best returns over the long run.
  • Believe that individual 401(k) account holders do not receive professional investment advice.
  • Believe that individual 401(k) account holders deserve a better retirement planning process than to throw money at it and hope it grows.
  • Believe that individual 401(k) account holders deserve to receive professional investment advice they can use to actively manage their retirement accounts, to attain their goals.

Our Commitment to You

Provide periodic account recommendations based on our model to help attain better than market returns while minimizing risk to principal, over the long term.

Your Chief Investment Officer

Bill DeShurko

  • William 'Bill' DeShurko started in the investment industry in 1987, learning early the financial perils of bear markets during Black Monday (October 1987) when the DOW dropped more than 20% in a single day. That lesson has guided Bill's investment strategy ever since. During the "Tech Wreck"in 2000-2001, frustrated by the losses in typical "buy and hold/diversified" portfolios, Bill created the computer based algorithm used today at www.fundtraderpro.com. The strategy behind the algorithm was tested using data from 1972-2005 by Professors Samuel L. Tibbs and Stanley G. Eakins. The results were co-authored with Mr. DeShurko and resulted in the paper, "Using Style Index Momentum to Generate Alpha" that won the Charles H. Dow Award in 2007. The Charles H. Dow Award is the most prestigious annual award given for  the best paper that advances technical analysis in the year. The award is granted by the Market Technicians Association, the home of the Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) Program, the preeminent, global designation for technical analysis

  • Author of: "The Naked Truth About Your Money" a primer for the Millennial Generation and all new investors to help with making responsible financial decisions. Available at Amazon

  • He became a life member of “Who’s Who in Business and Finance” in 2000

  • Bill is also board and finance committee member for Homefull Inc. a non-profit group seeking to end homelessness in Dayton Ohio

  • Member of the Centerville Noon Optimists Club

  • Managing Member and owner of 401 Advisor, LLC a registered investment advisor, since 2004

  • Education: BA Economics, University of Rochester

  • See Bills interview with Investopedia below.

Your Chief Operations Officer

Mike Holka

  • Mike is a PMI Certified Project Managment Professional with over 30 years of experience in the development, maintenance and implementaion of computer systems for insurance, human resources, banking and state government organizations.  For the past several years, have managed applicaion development and maintenance projects of increasing complexity, organizational impact and budgets.  Mike brings a customer and business centric approach to information technology projects.

  • Mentored numerous Information Technology (IT) professionals in the areas of project management, software development, ethics, communication, customer focus and professional responsibility.

  • Youth Sports Board Member and Coach - Retired.

  • President and owner of Advanced Computing and Management, Inc, a project managment consulting company since 2005.

  • Education:  BS Business (Computer Information Systems), Ferris State College.