The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — Our 2021 Outlook

First my apologies for this being our blog of 2021, a full month into the new year. While we have been very busy since late December here at the office, the real reason I’ve procrastinated is that every time I start writing, something new happens that makes me question my outlook.

Rally Under Way?

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For those that are totally confused about the market's continued climb, despite the headlines and negative economic news, please read and take to heart the following quote:

"There is nothing more important to the markets than what the Fed is doing and is going to do. Nothing. This is applicable to both the bond and equity markets and to all classes of risk assets. When you are the only American institution allowed to print money then you are the only American institution that cannot be denied and so today, I focus on what these people are doing."

2020 Predictions - Briefly

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Every year it gets earlier and earlier...not when stores start decorating for Christmas, but when the market predictions come out for the next year!

Not to be left behind, I added some of my thoughts to another excellent article by Ellen Chang over at the You can read her entire article at:

2019 Mid Year Outlook

As we head into the final month of summer, we head into Wall Street’s traditional slow season. Statistically August and September are two of the worst months of the year as traders partake in their annual migration to the Hamptons.  Add in questions surrounding the strength of the economy and be prepared for the “Bears” to come out with their stock market crash predictions.

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