Many people who don’t write themselves, think that writing a few paragraphs on a topic, posting it, and calling it a blog, is a pretty easy process. But as I’ve been a writer for years from everything from a book and to professional publications to many, many blog posts, let me say, it isn’t that easy! Ideas may be many but formulating an idea into a cohesive article, doing research when necessary, and trying to stay timely in our rapid changing (financial) world can be a tough ask.

So for my first post, let me just say the following: (and I will be adding specific investment and market ideas soon).

If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell, you know the “10,000-hour rule.” That came from (University of Colorado professor) K. Anders Ericsson. He studied expert pianists and how to create excellence and it has been applied in any given format.

He talks about three basic things: having the right support, having the right accountability and then doing deliberate practice. Where he says the vast majority of human beings fail is that they don’t do sufficient deliberate practice to become excellent at whatever they need to do.

I tell you all that to bring it full circle to the financial advisor. While I can’t speak for others, I can say that at Fund Trader Pro, we are continually doing work on our craft to get better at it, to have patterns, to have processes, to have support and infrastructure. Then when stuff comes up, we’re going to have anticipated, prepped for and handled some version of it before. 

With 30 years of experience (which is well over 10,000 hours) managing money, we at Fund Trader Pro are your support, we are accountable to ourselves and to you the client, and we constantly strive to improve. What does all this mean to you? When the markets misbehave we have seen it before, we plan for it happening again, and know what our course will be when it does happen. All so you don’t have to!

So our advice to you for now, is to relax, don’t stress, we are following the days events…and so far…I see nothing I haven’t seen before.

Enjoy the end of summer!

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