Will this type of program work with my current 401(k) account offered by my employer?

Yes! We have specifically designed FundTraderPro to offer unique advice based on your plan and your investment options.

Is this an Online Trading System?

No! You will continue to control your funds at your employer’s 401(k) plan sponsored web site. This is an informational service...a customized, sophisticated information service. We do not take control of your funds. You will make the trades in your account based on our recommendations. You are in control of your selections and account at all times.

How do I determine if this is right for me?

We believe that FundTraderPro is right for everyone! The real question is: “How do I become comfortable with using FundTraderPro?” While we can’t answer this for everyone, most investors have the following mindset: “I have no time/interest in this, but know I’m better off if I did.” If this is your current thinking, take a small leap of faith to discover that our service will take the guess work out of your retirement planning and provide the information/advice you need to actively manage your account.

What type of results can I expect?

Media outlets focus on getting high rates of return on investments. Seasoned professionals and wealthy individuals focus on risk management. One of the greatest investors of all time, Warren Buffet, has been quoted as saying that the #1 Rule of Investing is “Don’t lose money” Rule #2 is, “Reread Rule #1”. While our goal is to keep you in the top performing funds your plan offers, the real value of our system is that it minimizes losses during deep selloffs. This type of market downturn can wipe out accumulated wealth in a matter of months.

How can I tell if it’s working?

There are two parts to this answer: First is your account balance growing, that is the obvious answer. The second part is more subtle, are you able to sleep at night, knowing the risk to your financial future is minimized. For those looking for a more definitive answer use a Target Date or Retirement fund based in your year of retirement. For example, if you expect to retire in 30 years you would choose the Target Date or Retirement Date fund 2035. Compare our returns to the appropriate Target/Retirement date fund available in your plan. While we don’t expect to outperform every year; we do expect to outperform over a 3 year, 5 year and longer durations.

What do I do in “X” situation?

We will send alerts directly to your cell phone telling you what to do and when. It is important that you act when we tell you to take action. Expect to receive advice recommendations every 60-90 days. We will also send periodic notices on when not to act, especially during times of market or economic uncertainty.

How do I reallocate or rebalance funds in my 401(k) account?

We do not have access for your 401(k) account.  For assistance in executing recommendations please contact your Employer Human Resource Department or your Plan Administrator.

What is the cost of this program?

A monthly fee of $20 will keep you informed of relevant market insight and receive professional advice to assist in managing your 401(k) account.

How do I get started?

Register by creating a User Account, then follow the easy steps!

What additional information will I need to provide to take control of my 401(k) account?

In order for us to model your plan, you must provide a list of the fund available in your employers 401(k) plan. Send an email to support@fundtraderpro.com with attached screen shots or list of the funds available in your plan. Until your company plan has been modeled and our first recommendation has been created, the Company Profile and Recommendations pages will not be available when you log in.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Send an email requesting cancellation to support@fundtraderpro.com. Your cancellation request will be processed immediately. Any charges for monthly subscriptions will not be refunded once the Company Profile and Recommendations pages are available to you.

How do I change my password?

Send an email requesting a password reset to support@fundtraderpro.com. You will be emailed a temporary password to log in to the website along with instructions on how to change your password once logged in.

How will charges be depicted on my credit card statement?

Monthly charges of $20 will appear on your credit card statement as FundTraderPro LLC

Where can I get more information?

Read Bill's Award Winning Research: