Compass on newspaper stock page

Every year it gets earlier and earlier...not when stores start decorating for Christmas, but when the market predictions come out for the next year!

Not to be left behind, I added some of my thoughts to another excellent article by Ellen Chang over at the You can read her entire article at:

I too expect that market volatility will continue into 2020, and politics will impact the markets. How much is difficult to say. Equally as difficult to predict is the impact of the continuing trade war with China. With these things in mind, our advice, is for investors to focus on the big picture and stay disciplined in their approach.

I've been pretty accurate over the last few years. I've yet to call for a bond market reversal and rising interest rates as so many have for the last five (5) years. Nor have I called for the end of the bull market. There's nothing magical about it, the government keeps printing money, corporations are flush with cash, and the unemployment rate keeps declining. All make for a pretty good market. But that is the past, onto the future.

I'll post a more in-depth version by mid-January on our blog page at But the short version for next year is, it will be different. A bet on the stock market is going to be a bet on the election. The candidates and positions are too dissimilar to not see different reactions on Wall Street.

Happy Investing and Happy Holidays!

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