Investors are generally happy to say goodbye to October and November after seeing a near 10% decline over just a few short weeks. Optimists are holding out for the Santa Claus rally, pessimists see any rally as a short-term opportunity to shed holdings in front of 2019.

While the markets will (or have already)reacted to the Trump meeting with Xi Jinping at the G20 summit, any move, as painful as it may be for those on the wrong side of it, is likely to be short-lived and forgotten about by February 2019 after we've digested not only our Christmas turkey but fourth quarter 2018 earnings as well. We know earnings will slow dramatically next year. The over/under is about 9% from this year's torrid 20% growth rate. The market will move based on whether earnings growth can meet or exceed that 9% projection. And I for one will be perfectly honest with you, NO ONE HAS A CLUE.

What's an investor to do?

My suggestion is to sit back and enjoy the Holidays.  Enjoy your time off from work, and cherish the time with family and friends.  Leave your portfolio alone, forget about it. We have raised cash in most portfolios to dampen account volatility, we'll miss out a little on good days and feel a little more secure on down days. There are times it is just better to sit back and wait for a little more clarity.